We continuously seek to innovate and look for sustainable answers to the challenges facing our company, our industry and our world.

Our Technology Group plays a key role in driving this spirit of innovation by working closely with our business units to help advance growth opportunities, support technical improvements and environmental treatments at our operations, and provide product development support for metal sales.

Our technical expertise is primarily organized and operated out of three separate centres, CESL, Applied Research and Technology (ART), and the Product Technology Centre (PTC).

The Technology Group also works with external companies, contractors and researchers to develop and assess new technologies. We support external research and development through industry associations, companies and universities. In many cases, our funds are levered through collaboration with other companies and government programs.


CESL Limited (CESL), based in Richmond, British Columbia, oversees the development of our proprietary hydrometallurgical technology, which offers an environmentally superior method for treating copper, copper-gold, nickel-copper, and nickel concentrates, especially those with complex challenges related to mineralogy and deleterious elements that inhibit conventional production and sale of concentrates.

Applied Research & Technology

Our Applied Research and Technology (ART) group, based in Trail, British Columbia works with our business units to characterize ore bodies, develop and test processing options, evaluate and implement technologies to improve performance and decrease unit costs, and to design and test innovative solutions to potential environmental impacts.

Product Technology Centre

Our Product Technology Centre (PTC), based in Mississauga, Ontario, supports metal sales for our zinc business unit by working with zinc customers to provide technical support related to continuous and general galvanizing. PTC also works with the Trail operation to understand emerging technical uses and markets for specialty metals produced at Trail.