Products Contacts

Please contact a Teck Products & Services representative to discuss how we can be of service, to inquire about our products or to discuss product development initiatives. You can also use the Products & Services Online Inquiry Form to contact us.

Zinc & Lead Zinc

Keith Zhang 
Export Sales Manager
t: 647.788.3022

Graham Poag
Zinc Sales Manager
(Western US & Canada)
t: 647.788.3077

Jennifer Coe
Zinc Sales Manager
(Eastern US & Canada)
t: 647.788.3014

Industrial Chemicals

ABS, Copper Sulphate, Copper Arsenate, Ferrous Granules, Molten Sulphur, Sulphur Dioxide, Sulphuric Acid, Sodium Antimonate, Zinc Sulphate Solution

t: 1.800.432.3206

See Also: Industrial Chemicals Inquiry Form

Lead, Cadmium, Indium, Germanium Precious Metals

Brenda Tognotti
Lead & Specialty Metals Sales Manager
t: 647.788.3015

Keith Zhang
Metals Trading Manager
t: 647.788.3022

Dan Rogness
Assistant Treasurer
t: 604.699.4266


Lead and Zinc
Jim Vice
Director, Concentrate Marketing
t: 647.788.3050

Howard Okumura 
Director, Concentrate Sales
t: 647.788.3040

Adil Jawaid
Base Metals Marketing Manager
t. 647.788.3041

Advanced Materials Product Development
Bernard Ho
Technical Services Manager
t: 858.391.2937

M. Colin Joudrie
Vice President, Business Development
Teck Resources Limited
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
t: 604.699.4350
f: 604.699.4718


David Goosen
Manager - Business Development
Teck Metals Ltd.
t: 250.364.4137
f: 250.364.4131

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Teck Resources Limited
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
t: 1.250.851.6461