Red Dog

Red Dog Operations, located in northwest Alaska, U.S.A. near Kotzebue, is one of the world's largest zinc mines.

The mine and concentrator properties are leased from, and were developed under the terms of a development and operating agreement with the NANA Regional Corporation, Inc. ("NANA"), a native Alaskan development corporation.

Red Dog Operations is an open-pit truck-and-loader operation, using conventional drill and blast mining methods. Mineral processing facilities use conventional grinding and sulfide flotation methods to produce zinc and lead concentrates.

Concentrates produced at Red Dog are shipped to our metallurgical facilities at Trail, British Columbia and to customers in Asia and Europe. Because of arctic weather conditions, the concentrate is stockpiled at the port facility and is typically shipped to customers between early July and late October.

In 2010, we began mining the Aqqaluk deposit at Red Dog, which is expected to provide sufficient ore to enable operations to continue until 2030.

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Last updated: April, 2013