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CESL Testwork Brochure
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Concrete sample

CESL conducts metallurgical testing on concentrate samples

Metallurgical Test Programs

The facilities at CESL offer three scales of testwork: bench, pilot or demonstration. CESL mitigates the technical risk of hydrometallurgical projects by applying a staged approach to process development supported by industry standard geochemical, mineralogical and metallurgical analytical capabilities.

In the development of technologies, CESL has worked with industry clients using various business arrangements. In general, a project is defined through bench testwork, followed by more detailed and integrated testwork including pilot campaigns once optimum process conditions are identified. Pilot testwork may be run on a range of concentrates to demonstrate the flexibility of the operating conditions and is run contiuously over a period of time to prove the process and produce sufficient finished product and residue for market and environmental stability testing respectively.

Pilot and demonstration operations, usually carried out on a 24 hour/7 days per week basis, provide extensive metallurgical data (flowsheet and mass balance) to ensure optimal operations are achieved and sufficient data is collected in support of future engineering studies. Flowsheet design and operations are managed by a technical team which includes several engineers, scientists, and technicians with significant experience in pressure leaching, solid-liquid separation, solvent extraction and electrowinning.