CESL hydrometallurgical facility located in Richmond, BC, Canada

About Us


Teck is a diversified mining and metals company, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. With expertise in exploration, mining, development, smelting, refining and materials processing, we provide quality raw materials, energy resources, chemicals and technical solutions to the global market.

Teck is a world leader in the production of zinc and metallurgical coal and is a major producer of copper, gold, indium, germanium and specialty metals. The company pursues development of new technologies that make mining more economically and environmentally sustainable and strives to be a Partner of Choice wherever it operates.

CESL Limited

As part of Teck's Technology Division, CESL focuses on sustainable external and internal growth opportunities, technology transfer and improvement projects. Growth opportunities are pursued through the potential application of our proprietary hydrometallurgical technology and the development of novel process designs.

CESL has in-house engineering capabilities to rapidly generate preliminary capital and operating cost estimates as well as project financial analyses. CESL uses computerized mass and energy balances (METSIM) to generate a process engineering package which forms the basis for project metallurgical design. This package can be provided to an engineering company of the client’s choice to complete a feasibility study.

The CESL Facility

The CESL facility is equipped with a fully integrated pilot plant which can be used for copper, molybdenum, or nickel. There is a separate gold pilot plant used to treat the residue from the copper process.

At approximately 30 times the size of the pilot plant, the copper demonstration plant tests the equipment and engineering data at approximately 1 tonne per day copper. The gold demonstration plant, which will operate in 2008, will recover gold and silver treating approximately 4 tonnes per day of copper plant residue.

Operations are carried out on a 24 hour basis, generally 7 days per week. Extensive data is collected to ensure optimal operations are achieved and maximize confidence in any future engineering study.