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CESL Testwork Brochure
(1.8MB PDF)

CESL Publications


Pyrite Leaching Behaviour under CESL Process Conditions
-Hydrometallurgy 2014 

Reducing Fresh Water Use in the Production of Metals
-Hydroprocess 2014

Teck’s CESL Copper Process: A Commercial Ready Concentrate Leach Alternative
-Copper 2013

Corrosion Studies at Teck’s Hydrometallurgical Facility (CESL): Identification of an Alloy Substitute for Titanium in Certain Applications
-COM 2013 

Early Copper Product Results from Vale’s Hydrometallurgical CESL Refinery
-ALTA 2009 (4MB PDF)

Commissioning UHC: A Vale Copper Refinery Based on CESL Technology
-Hydrometallurgy 2008 (2MB PDF)

The Role of Iron in the CESL Process
-CIM 2006 (343KB PDF) 

On-Site Processing vs. Sale of Copper Concentrates
-ALTA 2005 (133KB PDF)

CESL Copper Process—An Economic Alternative to Smelting
-Intermin 2005 (243KB PDF)

CESL Copper Process—Moving From Pilot Plant to Production Scale Operation
-Hydro Sulphides 2004 (237KB PDF)


A Sustainable Hydrometallurgical Process to Develop Copper Deposits Challenged with High Arsenic
-Expomin 2014

Arsenic Stability and Characterization of CESL Process Residues
-COM 2012

An Integrated Mine to Metal approach to Develop High Arsenic Copper Deposits Using the CESL Process
-Perumin 2011 (631KB PDF)

Unlocking Value in Copper Arsenic Sulphide Resources with Copper-Arsenic CESL Technology
-Hydrocopper 2011 (450KB PDF)

CESL Process as Applied to Enargite-rich Copper Concentrate 
-Copper 2010
This paper can be acquired through the Copper 2010 conference proceedings.


Teck's CESL Nickel Process Advancing Towards a Commercial Ready Hydromet Solution for Low Grade Disseminated Nickel Sulphides

-ALTA 2013

Unlocking Disseminated Nickel Sulphides using the CESL Nickel Process
-ALTA 2010 (244KB PDF)

A New Process for Cobalt - Nickel Separation
-ALTA 2010 (241KB PDF)

Nickel and Cobalt Recovery from a Bulk Copper-Nickel Concentrate Using the CESL Process
-COM 2009 (417KB PDF)

Nickel and Cobalt Recovery from Mesaba Concentrate
-ALTA 2009 (963KB PDF)

The Application of the CESL Nickel Process to Laterites
-ALTA 2001 (105KB PDF)


Demonstration of the CESL Gold Process

-Precious Metals ’12, MEI 

The CESL Gold Process
-World Gold 2011 (912KB PDF)

The New Gold Process
-ALTA 2007 (301KB PDF)