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CESL Testwork Brochure
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Bench scale autoclave

Bench Scale

Pressure leaching testwork can be performed using batch bench scale autoclaves. The CESL facility has the ability to conduct tests using 2 and 20 litre autoclaves.

The purpose of bench scale testwork is to develop the basic metallurgy of the concentrate sample. In many cases this work is now supported by quantitative mineralogy carried out using advanced analytical equipment at Teck’s Applied Research & Technology Centre located in Trail, BC, Canada. Over 60 sulphide concentrates have been tested by bench scale pressure oxidation for copper, copper/gold, zinc and nickel-cobalt projects. In total, more than 5,000 batch autoclave leaches have been performed at the CESL facility. Normally, a concentrate sample of 5-10 kg is sufficient to complete an initial set of bench autoclave tests.