LME Grade-A Nickel Cathode

LME Grade-A Nickel Cathode produced CESL

The CESL Nickel Process

The Nickel Process begins with a pressure oxidation step similar to that used in the Copper Process. Complete dissolution of the nickel, copper, cobalt along with zinc, occurs within the autoclave. If the leach liquor is high enough in copper, it is sent to solvent extraction for recovery. The nickel solution requires purification as it may contain impurity elements. These metals are removed by precipitation. The cobalt can be recovered from the solution as a marketable product through a proprietary purification stage. Nickel is precipitated as a hydroxide or sulphide which may be processed further to metal or sold as an intermediate product. If producing nickel metal, ammonium sulphate is used to leach nickel from the intermediate. The resulting nickel electrolyte is electrowon to produce nickel cathodes.

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