Precious metals are recovered as doré in the CESL process

The CESL Gold Process

If significant levels of precious metals are present in the concentrate, the washed residue from the copper process is sent for precious metals recovery. The CESL Gold Process is a simple process, designed to treat residues produced from the CESL Process, but has application for other gold-bearing solids, in particular, high sulphur bearing feeds.

The CESL Gold Process is based on cyanidation technology.  This cyanidation step, however, is done under pressure, which increases the extraction rate of gold and silver.  Once the leach is completed, the slurry is filtered and washed.  The gold and silver is recovered from solution using a carbon circuit.  Conventional methods are used to recover the gold and silver to doré metal. Copper is precipitated from a portion of the barren solution. The majority of the solution is recycled directly back to cyanidation. A small bleed stream is treated through cyanide recovery and destruction circuits before being discharged from the process.

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