CESL focuses on sustainable external and internal growth opportunities, technology transfer and improvement projects. Growth opportunities are pursued through the potential application of our proprietary hydrometallurgical technology and the development of novel process designs.

CESL is your source for hydrometallurgical solutions:

  • Competitive Processes
  • Process Development Expertise
  • A World Class Metallurgical Facility
  • Experienced Team of Professionals

Metallurgical Testing

CESL offers three levels of hydrometallurgy testwork for evaluating projects:

Bench Scale, Pilot Scale, Demonstration Scale

Process Features

On-site refining of sulphide concentrate using CESL technology is a viable alternative you can turn to:
  • Proven Technology
  • Versatile Process
  • Flexible Technology
  • Improve Recovery
  • Economic Solution
  • Increase Value
  • Sustainable Process